Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Titus Young Sr. and Jason Collins

What I've been thinking about since I read about the recent Titus Young Sr. news, here are some facts:

  • Titus Young Sr. and Jason Collins were both born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area. 
  • Titus Young Sr. went to University High School in West L.A.
  •  Jason Collins was a short 15 minute drive down Wilshire at Harvard-Westlake School in between Bel Air and Beverly Hills. 
  • Both athletes are at critical junctures in their respective careers. 
  • Both are African American Athletes in sports staying relevant by highlighting the less savory aspects of what it means to be an Athlete in America. 

The beauty of sports is that it can bring together people from all sorts of backgrounds and have them work together for a common goal. These two went to school 15 minutes from each other (different time periods), and have polar opposite career paths. I will not pretend to guess how each person grew up, but I will bet my bottom dollar that each had a different style of support from the day the were born.

My picks for tonight:

New York vs. Indiana

Tonight will be more about the offense than defense (though the performance on the defensive end has been fantastic). Tyson gets to Melo's head and Knicks finally start moving the ball around like when they were on their winning streak. I'll take the over on 179.5 and I think NY will cover -5.5, but lose in a close one.

Golden State vs. San Antonio

It's hard not to pick Mark Jackson's squad to cover every time. I will pick it again, and the Warriors will cover the -7. Pop has thrown almost every conceivable defensive look at the Warriors and they have adjusted accordingly every time. The league wants this series to go seven. Taking the over on 195 and Golden State to lose a close one and cover the -7.

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