Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Learning DFS Day #2

I'm trying to focus on getting good pitching, and this was a win for me yesterday. My strategy in picking hitters was going through baseball press, and seeing which hitters were hot (batting around .300 or better) with favorable match ups. I got stuck with Soriano because I had one outfielder slot open and 3k left. I know I could have found some better value with pitching but I want to continue this strategy for a week or so to see how it pans out for me.

I also noticed that the scoring output for the Daily Dollar was MUCH higher than the $2 Moon Shot. I think because you can have multiple entries in the Moon Shot, people get baited into putting as many shitty lineups in as they can. I was 154/527 with a score of 77.35 (top 100 cash out) two days ago, and 139/170 with a score of 73.20 (top 40 cash out) yesterday. I think today I'll play both with the same lineup and compare.

Also, when you set your lineups check the weather! I thought I wasn't going to have a run yesterday because of rain delays for both the Cardinals and Braves games. Luckily they both finished but next time I'll be a little more aware of that. I probably shouldn't have gone with hitters in heavy, wet conditions either. 

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